Tights Titania タイツ ティターニヤ


Titania is an original tights that depicts Keiko Nishiyama's African flowers inspired by the fairy queen in William Shakespeare's play, Dreams of a Summer Night. Because the design is placed in the middle of tights, you can wear it smartly without looking bigger in the picture even in color tights.

It is tights that let you look stylish and adorable with this print pattern when you wear under your plain skirt.


Titania(ティターニア)はウィリアム・シェイクスピアの戯曲『夏の夜の夢』の中の妖精の女王をイメージしてKeiko Nishiyamaがイメージしたアフリカの花々を描いたオリジナルタイツです。


Tights Titania

  • Polyetser 97% Polyurethane 3%

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